Frederic Oumar Kanoute
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La malnutrition et les maladies sont probablement résultat de la pauvreté, mais la raison originale de celle-ci est le manque d'emplois et d'opportunités

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RT @LaLiga: "La Giralda presume orgullosa de ver a @FredericKanoute en el Sánchez-Pizjuán..." ❤⚽ @SevillaFC ⚽❤ #TalDíaComoHoy https://…
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Non au 2 poids 2 mesures, si nous laissons passer cette mascarade nous sommes tous foutus. Exigeons un procès équit…
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RT @PatsonDaka20: Who knew that one day so soon I'd be having casual convo with a legend like @XabiAlonso . . . God is great!!! Humbled by…
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Comment ne pas s’insurger contre la « justice » française en voyant ce simulacre de procès et l’acharnement que subit @TariqRamadan !
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RT @KafoAcademy: Perfect weather for a football camp! Join us at NAS Dubai until Thursday 15th feb. 9am - 1pm, 150dh pd. @FredericKanoute h…
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Nice encounter with the youth of Kuwait alongside my beloved brothers @skeitaofficiel @trikaofficial @Ms3don @swar85
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So pleasant to see @KafoAcademy kids improving everyday. When you start making friend with the ⚽️ and play with you…
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RT @Kwt_awqaf: شكرا لرئيس اللجنة المنظمة للملتقى الشبابي الخامس الوكيل المساعد بالوزارةخليف الأذينة ونائب رئيس اللجنة سامي العازمي والاعضاء…
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RT @Btolat: 📸 كانوتيه ، ابوتريكة ، سيدو كيتا ، سوار الذهب ، الكوارى فى الجامع الكبير " الكويت " 😍 @trikaofficial @Ms3don…
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Enhorabuena @SevillaFC !
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RT @12manSports: Time for @KOITAofficiel has come! First official match for @RedBullSalzburg vs. @SportingCP in @UEFAYouthLeague today. htt…
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¡¡Si necesitan calor, nosotros se lo daremos!! #LaLiga123 #EsLaLiga
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RT @AllanDarren: Ugandan 🇺🇬 defender @JeanFoot19 will be speaking the FIFA Conference for Equality and Inclusion alongside @FredericKanoute…
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RT @FIFAcom: Frederic Kanoute, African footballer of the year in 2007, represented Mali 38 times and now has his own foundation, which look…
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RT @ajplusfrancais: Israël - Palestine, une histoire sans fin ?
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RT @KafoAcademy: Congratulations to our u8’s who won the ADL Winter Cup last night! Another trophy for the cabinet! 🏆 @FredericKanoute #foo…
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RT @RamadanTent: Excited to announce the first ever #OpenIftar UK Tour in 2018! 😎😁 Interested in sponsoring? Interested in volunteering?…
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RT @laurentcourtois: Crazy u listen your coachs and see what happen. It s the funniest thing. Impressed w whole team……