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El ciclo sin fin de la desnutrición y la enfermedad tal vez sea el resultado de la pobreza, pero la causa fundamental es la falta de empleo y de oportunidades

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FredericKanoute: 22.abr..2019
RT @trevor8sinclair: After 10 years coaching experience I’m happy to have finally received my @UEFA A certificate. Big thanks to Kirk Hilto…
FredericKanoute: 22.abr..2019
Thoughts and prayers for the people of Sri Lanka. Things seem to get out of control but Let’s never lose hope and f…
FredericKanoute: 21.abr..2019
RT @LaLigaFRA: 🔙 2011 ⚽💫 Le tir de @FredericKanoute avec @SevillaFC_FRA face au Getafe CF ! 🔴⚪ #GetafeSevillaFC
FredericKanoute: 20.abr..2019
While we should give a chance to all positive initiative vs racism and not fall into constant cynicism, our duty no…
FredericKanoute: 19.abr..2019
FredericKanoute: 19.abr..2019
RT @PatsonDaka20: Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall…
FredericKanoute: 19.abr..2019
RT @12manSports: @FredericKanoute @PFA @fifa We stand with all athletes in the fight against racism in the beautiful game. #Enough https…
FredericKanoute: 18.abr..2019
@PFA At a time when racism is being normalised, I salute this initiative from @pfa Let’s hope @FIFA also takes so…
FredericKanoute: 18.abr..2019
RT @12manSports: Congatulations to @Flamengo U16 on making it to the finals of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed 9th International Football Champions…
FredericKanoute: 17.abr..2019
RT @MezquitaSevilla: El día de hoy hemos tenido el placer de recibir un grupo de 76 estudiantes de Austria en la @MezquitaSevilla https://t…
FredericKanoute: 15.abr..2019
Triste de voir cette belle cathédrale de #NotreDamedeParis partir en flamme. Pensées particulières à tous ceux qui…
FredericKanoute: 15.abr..2019
FredericKanoute: 15.abr..2019
In fact Practice makes only permanent... BEST practice makes perfect! 😉 keep up the good work 💪🏾@PatsonDaka20…
FredericKanoute: 14.abr..2019
RT @SevillaFC: 🎵🎶 Forza Sevilla, campeón, lolololoooo 🎵🎶 A disfrutar, sevillistas ▶ 😍 #ElGranDerbi #WeareSevilla
FredericKanoute: 13.abr..2019
RT @LaLigaEN: “I’m scared of heights, so going into space, no way!” 🚀😂 @FredericKanoute has a go at the Take It On Challenge 💪 #LaLigaAmb…
FredericKanoute: 11.abr..2019
RT @12manSports: Want to see what some of our athletes get up to at their respective clubs? Follow them on Twitter. #12MANagement Cc @F…
FredericKanoute: 07.abr..2019
RT @IlhanMN: رَبِّ اغْفِرْ لِقَوْمِي فَإِنَّهُمْ لاَ يَعْلَمُونَ My Lord, forgive my people for they do not know.
FredericKanoute: 07.abr..2019
RT @SevillaFC: Caparrós, siempre contigo.
FredericKanoute: 04.abr..2019
RT @BerniceKing: The Authentic King. Brilliant King. Powerful King.
FredericKanoute: 31.mar..2019
“Beautiful garden in which different flowers coexist in peace and make its beauty”. #NZ #Christchurchmemorial